About Us

We are a small Multimedia company here in Northern Nevada. I am a guitar/gear nerd to the extreme. A few years ago, I began building up my studio to include some really special pieces that were unique. Through auctions, scouring the ENTIRE internet, bothering people and pure luck I was able to purchase a lot of cool gear!

My crown favorites are my Steve Vai owned pieces. When I got that first rack that had the BBE Unimax and Eventide H969 Harmonizer and Pedals (Boss DD-7, DS-1 and Dunlop Crybaby) I was, and still, over the moon excited.

The next 2 years I spent acquiring more SV owned-pedals: an Ibanez Jemini Distortion, an unreleased Morely Attitude Steve Vai Prototype Distortion as well as 2 Carvin Legacy Heads and a Carvin Legacy 4×12 Speaker Cabinet.

I originally began capturing the gear on my Quad Cortex so that I could take the tones on the road and in the studio on-demand. I figured others would like these captures so here we are! SV, to me, was and always will be the “Final Boss”. This collection is a tribute to his gear and I am honored to share it!

I’ve been collecting SV owned gear for awhile and they pop up from time to time. I am always looking for cool pieces and love to share them with the world. For me, getting to be a caretaker of these pieces is a great experience and I am sure for Steve, it would be as if he was owning Hendrix gear. We are all just caretakers of things and don’t really “Own” anything. There is energy attached to objects, especially these, and when I would see people buy these items and immediately try to resale and flip them, it bummed me out and I feel they missed the point. There may come a day when I will have to part with some of this gear, but it is not this day!

I wanted to capture this gear and share it to hopefully inspire someone or just make their day! They won’t make you play like SV, but I hope you get some fantastic tones and use them as I will be. Some of the gear had SV’s settings marked on them so I include them in the captures. Most have the pictures of the settings on the Cloud Pictures @Neural so that gives you an idea. I tried to be as meticulous and accurate as possible. The amps and speakers were captured at neighbor-bothering, disturbing the peace volume! That is where his settings were marked and also sounded the best.

Please tag me @irondontlie and let me hear what you are doing!

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